At Wohler Manufacturing, metal is our medium.  Therefore, we go to great lengths to ensure the materials we use are the best-performing materials at a competitive price for our customers. And, we demonstrate expertise across a wide range of metals. Wohler Manufacturing fabricates carbon steel, Cold Rolled, Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled.  In addition, we process Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass & Copper.  All raw materials are purchased from suppliers who have been proven to provide quality material, delivered on time at competitive prices.  Finally, for quality control purposes, all metal suppliers to Wohler Manufacturing are required to provide material Certifications of Compliance.

Wohler Manufacturing has experienced staff that sets up and operates our fabricating process  to perform the welding of metals to specified dimensions. Our staff controls the many facets of metal fabrication from prototype to production runs. Our fabrication capabilities cover CNC Pipe Bending, pipe fixtures, chassis manufacturing, vehicle gladding, bracketry and more. Fabricating sub-assemblies and moving through to final touches is a systematic process that seamlessly moves products to completion.

Close co-operation with Wohler Manufacturing and our customers from an initial enquiry to the design and metal manufacturing, that is just some of the reasons that makes us the perfect solution provider.

Around 80% of our current production calls for a manufacturing solution to meet special requirements for the customer and many of our customers rate Wohler Manufacturing to be renowned for its flexibility enabled us to compete in numerous new market sectors and to develop products which continue to be both competitive and innovative.


Pipe bending is an umbrella term for a number of metal forming methods used to create pipes or tubing. There are several methods in pipe bending such as press bending, rotary draw bending and roll bending.

Special request working closely with our client to produce this remarkable enclosure. All cutting, punching, laser cutting from our sub-supply, welding and painting is performed at our factory.

Bending is a metal manufacturing process that bends sheet metal into various shapes when using an Press-Brake

Our fully automated CNC tube bending machine is of the latest technology, which has enabled us to develop an increasing number of unique engineering solutions with the capability of being able to do both fixed and variable radii bending in the same work cycle, without any limitations on the complexity of the tube.

Welding tubular chassis & sheet-metal component parts


CNC Punching is the most affordable method of creating multiple holes in sheet metal, especially in medium to high production volumes.

We develop, create and maintain custom vehicles according to client specifications.
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