Pipe Bending:

Pipe bending is an umbrella term for a number of metal forming methods used to create pipes or tubing. There are several methods in pipe bending such as press bending, rotary draw bending and roll bending.

All these methods are used to bend cold, unheated pipes, with press bending being the simplest method of bending pipes or tubes.

Our fully automated CNC tube mandrel bending machine is of the latest technology, and this has enabled us to develop an increasing number of unique engineering solutions with the capability of being able to do both fixed and variable radii bending in the same work cycle, without any limitations on the complexity of the tube.  

With a state-of-the-art MT-4 laser measuring system attached to the bending machine, new designs can be accurately measured before the proto-type is bent. Spot checking during the production run ensures that the last bent tube is exactly the same as the first tube.

The tube bending with laser cutting technology enables us to provide the most innovative solutions that are simpler, faster and more flexible for our customers and we have proudly achieved market leader status in this field.

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