Who is Wohler Manufacturing


Wohler Manufacturing IS our passionate, dedicated and service driven people:

  • people who understand the needs and requirements of all our clients for quality, hazmat and manufacturing management solutions
  • people who dedicate their entire lives delivering the best custom solutions.

The diversification within Wohler Manufacturing has lead to a unique “single source solutions company” within the African market. Our products and services now cover every aspect of the various industries, making it a true “one stop” shop for all our clients’ needs. It is, and always will be, our intention to serve the client throughout all his requirements, from products supply, product maintenance and support, all the way through to consulting on the biggest of issues that our clients might face.

Wohler manufacturing has designed and developed a full range of vehicle chassis apparatus to meet every requirement of the unique African Dessert, Protection and Rescue market.

Wohler Manufacturing is a proudly African and South African born and bred company.


Helmert Henken,Founder and Owner, born in the Netherlands.


Helmert Henken, Founder and Owner
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